*Image for conceptual purposes only.

*Image for conceptual purposes only.

Free Range Homes is the newest and most exciting division of Ellaney Developments Inc. We're passionate about the environment and superior building practices. We're also passionate about freedom and living life to the full. Healthy food, healthy water, healthy lifestyle, aquaponics, passive house design, responsible building material sourcing, renewable energy - we want it all.

Have you ever dreamed about living inside a "garden of Eden" type of home? With plants everywhere, clean fresh crisp air, the sound of flowing water, beauty and life around every corner (even when there's a subarctic ice box outside)? You are not alone.

This is exactly why, after copious amounts of research and planning, we're thrilled to announce the building of the first of many "Free Range Homes" in the spring of 2016. Stay tuned for pictures as the project takes shape.

Sustainability and energy independence is at the heart of everything we're doing. The time is now. If not you, then who?

What are the five pillars of a Free Range Home that it make it so spectacular and unique?

  1. It has a GREENHOUSE integrated into the living space with year round organic food production (even fish production in some cases)
  2. It is a PASSIVE HOUSE. Every inch of the home has been professionally engineered and designed to suit our harsh winter climate. Like living in a thermos where the energy requirements for heating could be met with a hair dryer. These homes exceed any building code in any country by light years. These rigorous standards wouldn't be possible without the Certified Passive House genius of our friends at Altémira Engineering Ltd.
  3. It is built using as much sustainable, re-purposed, recycled, environmentally friendly or RENEWABLE BUILDING MATERIALS as possible.
  4. It is powered primarily by RENEWABLE ENERGY sources
  5. It is made with LOVE at every stage

While aspects of the Free Range Home require an increased initial investment, there are many ways to reduce costs to keep your project within reach. None the less, the long term payoffs and the value of the positive environmental impact cannot be quantified. You have questions. We have answers.

*Note pictures shown on this section of the website are for conceptual purposes only. Actual Free Range Home 1.0 pictures will begin in the spring of 2016.


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Ellaney Homes is a Saskatoon based home builder that takes pride in helping people make their dreams a reality. We incorporate PASSIVE HOUSE construction fundamentals in every home we build. These superior building practices are based on a proven foundation rooted in science rather than on the latest trend. For a little history on passive house design click here.

Every home we build undergoes rigorous study to maximize energy efficiencies as well as design enhancements to ensure both style and functionality. We work with the best designers and tradespeople the industry has to offer. Another key part of why we love what we do is that no two homes are the same, just as no two clients are the same. You'll know the difference the moment you walk in to an Ellaney built home.